The Edgar Allan Poe 200 Project

Poe Exhibition

Michael Connelly

Cabaret Poe Poster

Brent Fidler as Poe

Eric Woolfson

Poe Artists

Return of the Raven cover

From musicians to writers to video producers to designers, the Poe Community includes people who have been inspired or influenced in some way by Poe and his works.

Contact to suggest other Poe artists we could feature here. If you are an artist who has a story about how Poe has influenced you, let us know.

We will be posting new artists on this page as often as possible. watch for upcoming interviews, videos and profiles of artists such as Eric Woolfson, Evangeline Lilly, Lila Sakura and more!

Outis CD

Poe Calendar

Photos: Used with permission

Summer Silvestri

Brent Cirves

Gale Anne Hurd

James Cheetham

Marilyn Manson

Sundays With Poe

Mike Tusay

Lila Sakura

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